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Taylor Rothchild
May 9, 2020 | Taylor Rothchild

Happy Mother's Day

Our family has always championed the women in our family and today above all is where we celebrate all of them at once.  Past, present and future, they are the ones that have cared for us through the good times and not so good. Let us begin with a brief introduction. We are the Rothchild’s and we’re on a mission to create wines and champagnes worth sharing! 

The winery name Tayson Pierce is the culmination of the three children Taylor (myself), Pierce and Grayson (the eternal baby of the family). 

In order to get the full picture, we will start where it all began with my Great Grandfather, Nathan Rothchild. Nathan was a pioneer in his day and had a passion for wine, a novelty for Americans in the 1960s. He loved it so much that he began secretly making it at his summer home in Saratoga Springs. Nathan’s winemaking had a profound influence on his son Herbert and grandson, also my father, Eric J Rothchild. Through his extensive travels across the world to the greatest wine regions, Eric filled his curiosity with wine tastings at some of the most prestigious wine houses.  After accomplishing a successful career as an Opthamologist, he decided to plant some roots (forgive the pun) in Napa Valley.  There he brought my brothers and I during the summers to live and work in the wine business in our teen.  One summer, Eric decided he wanted to continue the family hobby with a prolific passion, which eventually turned into what is today, Tayson Pierce Estate Wines and Champagnes Eric Phillipe. 

In the 80’s, Eric met my mother Susan in what always sounds to me like a great story for a Rom-Com movie. They met during Eric’s first week of his medical internship in a hospital in California, while attending the same patient; Eric is an ophthalmologist and Susan a nurse.  Eric would make numerous attempts to get my mother to go on a date with him to no avail.  Although one day, he made one of his famous “Dad” jokes, which made her burst out laughing.  She accepted his offer to have lunch in the hospital.  It was all a fairytale after that. They married in 1986, in a traditional ceremony in Boca Raton, FL at the iconic Boca Raton Resort. Three years later they had me, their “favorite first son”, followed by my brothers Pierce and Grayson.

We grew up in Boca Raton, not exactly the epicenter of winemaking. However, in 2005 Eric and Susan bought land in Rutherford, the heart of Napa Valley. After years of travelling to Wine Countries all over the world, it was time for them to have a place in wine country to call their own. Eric’s passion to learn, collect and consume wine had, like his father’s, turned into a passion for crafting his own.

In 2005 the prototype of what would become Tayson Pierce Wines was made. We’ve learned a lot since that first vintage, most of which we’ll discuss in depth at a later date. All along though, we’ve strived to create the best wines made of the highest quality fruit from vineyards prioritizing single vineyard wines and working with farms that have a focus on sustainability. This will forever be our focus without compromise. 

In honor of Mother’s Day I would be remiss if I didn’t introduce the patriarche of the family, Susan Rothchild. I asked the family what they love most about our mother; it’s evident how much we love her. Even though Mother’s Day will likely be from a Zoom or Facetime this year, we hope you know how much we love, adore, and admire you for all you’ve done for the family. 

As I raise my glass of Eric Philippe, this is to you mom. We love you for your boundless love, relentless care no matter the situation, kindhearted nature, love for animals, genuine honesty, and constant thoughtfulness for your loved ones!

A note from my brother Pierce, “She is by far the most caring individual I have ever met. Her love for us is so much it gets annoying at times (joking). She will drop anything she is doing in a second if you need her help. She does nothing but think of others and never about herself. I am lucky to have her as my mom.”

Grayson, the youngest, says, “Mom cares about everyone else more than herself. That’s one of the many reasons I love her.”

Eric adds, “I love so many things. To name a few: her inner and outer beauty, her commitment to her family, her stability, her honesty, her love of animals and her spirituality. I'm as much in love with her as the day I met her.”

Our mother’s, past, present, and future have been and will always be at the backbone of this family.  They care for us when we are young and even when we’re grow up, provide relentless love and support when we need it most and even when we don't, and last but not least, they also make great official taste testers for our wines.  Cheers to you mom and all the other mothers out there today who do what you do.  We salute you and hope you are enjoying this special day.

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